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Our AI-powered search lets you describe what you're seeking in plain language and quickly scans business information and technology to help you find clients, competitors and new opportunities.

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Tech Stack Snooping 🧐

We dive deep into what's powering up the top online shops and services. It's like being a tech detective, but for boosting your business.

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Our AI-powered search lets you describe what you're seeking in plain language

digital marketing agencies based in Los AngelesShopify stores specializing in jewelryfind internet companies using Vercellist of real estate companies in New York

Tech check: Type a name, see every company that's using it.

Use autocomplete to find a technology, click it to see who's using it


Subscription-based software for setting up online stores and selling products, both online and in physical locations.

Shopify Buy Button

App enabling merchants to embed buy functionality into any website or blog.

Shopify Chat

Native live chat function for real-time conversations with Shopify store visitors.

Lookup the stack of a particular company

Curious about their tech? Just type their name or website.





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  • AI search
  • Limit of 10 results per search
  • Business information & stack analysis


$20 / month

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  • Everything in Explorer
  • Limit of 100 results per search


$80 / month

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  • Everything in Launchpad
  • Up to 5000 results per search
  • Downloadable results
What is Stackpointer?

Stackpointer is a comprehensive business search engine that provides detailed insights into businesses by analyzing their technology stacks. Users can search for businesses using keywords or criteria like name, domain, or specific technologies.

How can it help my business?

Stackpointer is an essential resource for new entrepreneurs looking to enter the market with a solid strategy. By providing comprehensive insights into existing businesses, technology trends, and market saturation, our platform can help you identify underserved niches or overly competitive sectors. With access to detailed business profiles, technology stacks, and industry trends, you can better understand what thrives and what doesn’t in your target market. This knowledge allows you to make informed decisions, reducing risks and increasing the likelihood of your business’s success.

How can I start using Stackpointer?

Simply visit our website and sign up for free to start exploring basic business information. Free users have access to limited search results. To see more results and download lead generation data, consider subscribing to one of our monthly plans.

Is there a cost to use Stackpointer?
  • Basic searches on Stackpointer are free, which includes limited results (up to 10 businesses per query).
  • Our Launchpad plan provides access to up to 100 businesses per search for $20/month.
  • Our Expansion plan includes up to 5000 businesses per search and the ability to download these search results in a CSV format. Expansion is available at $80/month.
What are the benefits of subscribing to Stackpointer?

Subscribing to Stackpointer's Launchpad plan unlocks several advanced features. Subscribers enjoy unlimited access to our search engine without any limit on the number of search results. They can utilize search filters such as company size, industry, and country to tailor their searches precisely. One of the key benefits of subscribing is the ability to download search results in CSV format. This feature facilitates seamless integration with existing sales processes, allowing companies to immediately obtain a list of leads for outreach and business development

How does Stackpointer benefit marketers and sales professionals?

Marketers and sales professionals find Stackpointer invaluable for identifying target markets, generating high-quality leads, and understanding competitors' tech strategies. With our detailed tech insights and business information, crafting personalized pitches and strategies has never been easier.

How do I search for a business on Stackpointer?

You can search for businesses using our AI-powered search feature by simply describing what you're looking for in plain words. For example, you can enter complex queries like "list medium-sized healthcare companies in New York City". Our AI search understands and processes your queries based on various criteria, including industry, company size, and location. Just type your requirements into the search bar, and Stackpointer will provide you with a list of matching businesses that meet your specified criteria. This intuitive search method allows you to explore and discover businesses more effectively.

Can I see what technology stack a business is using?

Yes, just click on a business in your search results to view its complete technology stack!

What kind of information can I expect in my search results?

All users, including those with a free account, can access a wealth of information in their search results. This includes the business name, website link, a popularity rank (e.g., Top 1k, 5k, 10k, 50k, 100k, 500k, 1M, 5M most visited sites), a description of the business, company details such as industry, number of employees, founding year, and location, links to major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram), and the technology stack as discovered by Stackpointer. Free users can view up to 10 search results per query. Users subscribed to our Launchpad plan have access to up to 100 search results. Our Expansion plan includes up to 5000 search results per query and the ability to download these results for further analysis.

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